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Again by HolidayDC Again :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 0 0 Another koi art by HolidayDC Another koi art :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 2 0 Moonlight godess by HolidayDC Moonlight godess :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 3 0 Holly in Alice's dress by HolidayDC Holly in Alice's dress :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 2 0 My OC Holly Angelia by HolidayDC My OC Holly Angelia :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 0 Red princess by HolidayDC Red princess :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 0 2 Walk away by HolidayDC Walk away :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 0 The phoenix:sketchy drawing by HolidayDC The phoenix:sketchy drawing :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 0 Phoenix : darker side by HolidayDC Phoenix : darker side :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 0 0 Phoenix by HolidayDC Phoenix :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 0 Fanart for Rocky Harmony by HolidayDC Fanart for Rocky Harmony :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 1 Lazy sketch: Holly with a salamanca by HolidayDC Lazy sketch: Holly with a salamanca :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 0 0 Dark rose Holly by HolidayDC Dark rose Holly :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 0 0 My OC and Tyandaga by HolidayDC My OC and Tyandaga :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 2 2 Lazy sketch:mecha wolf by HolidayDC Lazy sketch:mecha wolf :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 0 Holly and Rocky by HolidayDC Holly and Rocky :iconholidaydc:HolidayDC 1 2


The 10th Doctor by tamiart The 10th Doctor :icontamiart:tamiart 1,910 94
Tenth Doctor x Reader Domestics
“Doctor!” You yell at the Time Lord as he sticks his fingers into the cookie dough. You slap his hand away.
The Doctor gives you a pitiful pout and turns back to the kitchen table, where he pulls out a chair and sits down. He crosses his arms over his chest and sighs.
“It's only a little! It's not like it's going to hurt anyone!” The Doctor throws his hands up into the air for emphasis.
“You can wait!” You playfully shout at him.
Thinking back on it, you can remember exactly how you had met this strange and wonderful man. It had gone somewhat like this:
You are walking down your street towards your home. The sun is just setting, casting a rather beautiful orange and purple glow across the street. Your hands are stuffed into your pockets as you take quick, short steps. Suddenly, a huge explosion takes place before your eyes. A strange metal creature with a plunger and an eggbeater pops up in front of you. You gasp in astonishment and take a
:iconstarpatchy:Starpatchy 53 6
Doctor Who Chat Room 2 Handcuffed
Donna logged on
Jack logged on 
Okay now starting the 'How to get the Doctor and (Y/n) together!' meeting! All the sexual tension is killing me.-Donna
Any ideas?-Donna 
We could lock them in a closet!-Jack
I've already tried that it didn't work. (Y/n) picked the lock.-Donna 
Why didn't the Doctor just sonic it?-Jack 
I hid it then they looked me in after he got it back-Donna 
We could hand cuff them together.-Jack
Brilliant!!I'll be right back!-Donna 
So I'm in a chat room all alone.-Jack 
So *leans on a wall* do you want to see my-Jack 
I wasn't doing anything!!-Jack
Anyway I did it I hand cuffed them together!-Donna 
Their pissed so I'm hiding under (Y/n)'s bed.-Donna 
The Doctor logged on 
(Y/n) logged on
Don't act all innocent!-Doctor 
What do you mean?-Donna
Why did you jump is the hand
:iconbloodyangeljay:BloodyAngelJay 49 7
Forgetting Birthdays(10thDoctorXReader)(One Shot)
(Name) walked out of her bedroom on the TARDIS, (h/l) (h/c) hair tied into a messy bun and in her pajamas of a baggy t-shirt and flannel pajama pants. She had her change of clothes in he hand and was headed to the bathroom to shower.
“Good Morning!” called a cheery voice beside her, taking her by surprise. Her arm went swinging suddenly, connecting with the other person's shoulder. Then (Name) took a moment to realize that the person had been the Doctor, the man she had been traveling with for the last few months.
“Oh, I'm sorry Doctor! You scared the crap out of me!” (Name) quickly apologized, “I must ask though, what are you doing outside my bedroom?”
“It's okay, but I just came to wish you happy birthday.”
“It's my birthday?... It's my birthday... HOLY CRAP! It's my birthday!” she said, completely shocked.
“Yes, it would appear to be so,” the Doctor said, confused as to how she could have forgotten her ow
:icongracefuljewel:GracefulJewel 159 43
Chibi Holly Hollow  (for HolidayDC) by WolphieDoesArt Chibi Holly Hollow (for HolidayDC) :iconwolphiedoesart:WolphieDoesArt 2 1
10!Doctor x Reader - The Doctor's need
Leaning at the TARDIS Console, you slightly stiffened.
Light footsteps stopped behind you, and you felt his warmth through the thin fabric of your shirt. His breath tickled you at your neck, and you looked down at the buttons at the corbel, trying not to show the shiver that run down your spine. He placed his chin on your right shoulder, and you could smell the fresh soap on his skin and his still damp hair.
“And what are you doing around here?” He asked. You felt the vibrations of his voice at the lower back of your chest. He parted your (h/c) hair, and pressed his lips to the end of your jawline, while caressing your hips, which caused you to inhale sharply. You let yourself fall back into his form, and he softly bit into the skin, down to your chin. The tickling sensation spread through your whole body and you moaned low. There weren’t much of these moments where he showed how much he wanted you.
It started a few months ago, when you were walking home from work and
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 438 60
Doctor Who Chat Room x Reader
The Doctor has logged on
(Y/n) has logged on 
What's this?-Doctor 
It's a chat room Doctor-(Y/n)
Interesting can it-Doctor 
No it can't signal any of your enemies-(Y/n) 
I was actually going to ask if it can reach across dementions-Doctor 
I don't know-(Y/n) 
Donna has logged on
How is this even possible?-Donna 
Is what possible?-Doctor 
This chat room-Donna 
Honestly I don't know-(Y/n) 
Doctor 11 has logged on
Ten!-Doctor 11
Umm care to explain?-(Y/n) 
This is my next regeneration!!-Doctor 
(Y/n)!!! It's been to long! And I'm changing my name to 11!-Doctor 11
-Doctor 11 has changed his name to 11- 
What's up with the chin?-Donna 
;-; Donna it's you.-11
Amy has logged on 
Rory has logged on
There's two of you?!-Amy
Is anyone else worried about the guy in the corner?-Rory 
Master!! What the hell are you doing here?!-(Y/n) 
:iconbloodyangeljay:BloodyAngelJay 70 5
Mature content
Tied Up Doctor [Tenth Doctor x Reader] :icondavidtennantrequests:DavidTennantRequests 85 8
Mature content
Tenth Doctor x Reader: Salacious Second :icontheinkofmywritingpen:TheInkofmyWritingPen 146 62



My OC Holly Angelia
Name:Holly Angelia   Age:24   Gender:female   personality:smart,kind,childish,lonely and sweet
Backstory:Her parent died and she live with her aunt and her big brother.She live in the big house with her dog.She don't have any friend until the jealous beast found her and gave her necklace and the beast said "This necklace will turn feeling to energy but be careful! If you can't control it it will control you instead."


No journal entries yet.


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